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Dear Lisa -
      Thanks for the efforts of you and your team to help my yard reach my vision! Now the hard part---growing a lot of stuff!!!
      I appreciate the hard work from everyone on your crew. Special thanks to Andrew for fabulous decal!!

Your team did a great job.
Terry de Jonckheere

Thanks, it all looks lovely, a real improvement. I appreciate all of the careful work around the wires; so glad no one got zapped! Your team are all so nice.
Thanks for the conscientious job.

Hi Lisa,
Your crew today was terrific! What a difference they make. They're great guys! I look forward to seeing one or two of them again for winter plows. And again for the Spring clean up!
Nita B.

I do want to tell you that the landscaping work was terrific. I thought your team did a remarkable job to trim and clean out the area. It makes the property look so much better.
Mike Santalucia

My mother is absolutely ecstatic about your lawn services and good news: she will be a client for life. Bad news: she is 91!
Michael Foster on Westwood